What is Block in GroovePages?

Block is simply a section of a website. When multiple blocks stacks together, it becomes a webpage.

Some webpage may have just 1 block (such as an opt-in page i.e. a webpage where you collect email address), while some have 2, 5, 10, even 15 blocks comprising of different types of blocks. For example, the first block is the image carousel, followed by a text block, then image, and so on.

Within a block, there are other elements in it, such as headline, paragraph, image, line, button, and so on.

In GroovePages, there are Wireframes and Designed Blocks.

The wireframes consists of black and white or gray elements, mainly serves as a placeholders. User can customized and change the elements with their own.

Designed Blocks on the other hands, are pre-designed blocks with colorful elements usually with color box, background, images, etc. Similar to wireframes, designed blocks elements can be replaced and customized.

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