What are The Differences between Designed Blocks and Wireframes?

Both are blocks that you can drag and drop to help you create website faster.

Designed blocks are blocks that have been pre-designed with layout, background, images. They look cool out of the box and all you have to do is to just replace the text, images, color, or background to your liking.

The designed blocks have been categorized into different categories so that you can access them quickly based on the block that you need.

Wireframes on the other hand are black and white, non-style blocks where you can fill in the placeholders for the images or text to style it. So yes, the wireframe is a block just like designed block, minus the images, colors, background image.

For both designed blocks and wireframes, you can add extra elements to the block, eg you may add additional button, paragraph, image, form, etc.

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