What Are GrooveFunnels Free, Legacy Lifetime & Lifetime?

Nothing fancy and not too worry about the different names in GrooveFunnels.

Those are the names used to identify the types of accounts/plans/packages (whatever you call it) in GrooveFunnels.

If you joined GrooveFunnels on its Platinum Plan as a lifetime member prior to September 1st, 2020; you’re a GrooveFunnels Legacy Lifetime member. You should be proud of yourself if you have the GrooveFunnels Legacy Lifetime account.

If you joined as a Platinum Plan lifetime member after September 1st, 2020, you’re a GrooveFunnels Lifetime member. A very smart move if you decide to get the lifetime account!

Yes, both GrooveFunnels Legacy Lifetime and GrooveFunnels Lifetime are pretty much the same (although there are one or two differences), depending on when you joined.

The subtle differences are mainly on the price (Lifetime Legacy member enrolled at a slightly cheaper price) and the number of email contacts (Legacy Lifetime member gets to import 15,000 more email contacts i.e. 25k instead of 10k )

Last but not least, the GrooveFunnels Free, which refers to the lifetime free account. As the name suggests it is absolutely free with no-catch (no expiration and no credit card ever required to use free account), it gives you access to GrooveSell, GrooveAffiliate and GroovePages (max 3 websites)

Regardless of the type of your GrooveFunnels access, one thing for sure is you have made the right choice.

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