Opt-In Form: How To Force Visitor To Agree on the Terms Before Submitting The Form

Well, in general, forcing visitor to agree to terms is not required for opt-in form, but if you are creating sales form, or any form that required user agreement, then it is a good idea to insert a checkbox.

In other words, they would not be able to proceed without ticking the box (i.e. signifies their agreement).

First, open the opt-in page. In the Elements menu on the left, scroll down and look for Checkbox.

Drag and drop it right below the email text box area.

Select the checkbox to bring up the checkbox settings on the right. Click on Configure. You can change the label to show next to the checkbox if need to.

Make sure the Checkbox is required is selected so that visitors are not allowed to bypass it (they have to check the box to proceed). Click on the Update and voila!

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