How To Make A Great Looking Popup?

In the previous post, you have created a functioning plain popup opt-in form. What if you want to style the form so that it looks more attractive and give it a more professional-looking popup, lets get into it.

For this tutorial, we are going to add background to the popup. Well you don’t need to know Photoshop or any graphic software. The cloud-based Canva is great to achieve our objective.

Head over to After you have logged in, you may use different awesome templates available but let’s choose a presentation template.

There are a lot of templates to choose from. I prefer minimalistic design, so I would choose something simply. Make sure the design that you select did not block the text on your popup page, so I suggest something with lighter color or decorations/pattern at the border works best.

I will delete the text and move the background image slightly so that it won’t block the text on my landing page later.

Here’s how it looks like after some minor adjustment.

Next, I am going to insert this background template to my popup page. Head back over to GroovePages, select Popups, and choose the relevant popup – Edit.

Select the block, and in the settings on the right menu, choose Background and choose image. I uploaded the template I created earlier.

There you have it. The popup now have the background image that looks more attractive. Of course this is just a demo, you can upload a more colorful design template or any pattern that you think look good and suit your theme.

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