How To Create a Popup Opt-in Form?

A popup signup form for opt-in sometimes also known as 2-step opt-in. When tested, this 2-step opt-in shows that it increases the opt-in rate.

So, you would like to implement it on your website, here’s how to do it easily with GroovePages.

Assuming I would like to create a pop-up for this landing page. When someone click on the button, a popup form will appear for them to fill-in their details.

From the menu on the right, click on Popups and then + Create New popup button.

Enter the name of the popup for you to identify them. Choose Standard for the type of popup and Home so that it appears on the Home Page only. (Check out this post to learn more about the type of popup in GroovePages)

On the right, there are pre-made templates for the popups. Choose the template that you wish to use.

After you select the template by clicking on it, the template will be loaded on the canvas. You may change the headline, sub-headline and add in any other elements that you desire like image, etc.

Next, to integrate this form to the autoresponder or mailing software, you will need to select the form container as illustrated below (remember, select form container and not the subscribe button). Once the form container is selected, the settings for the container will appear on the right.

Under the Configure, make sure the form action is set to Integration, and next under Integrations, drop down the box and choose your desired autoresponder or mailing software to connect to. (you can check out GroovePages Integration for a guide on how to integrate with different software)

Once you’re done creating the popup page, click on the Save & Exit button on the top-right. This will bring you back to your home page.

Select the button (that will activate the popup when someone clicks on it), and under the Configure menu – Link To, select popup from the dropdown.

If you have multiple popups created, then it will show in the next popup dropdown list. Choose the one you wish to use (in this case, Popup 1) and click on Update button.

That’s it! Now if you preview the page, the popup will appear when the button is clicked.

You also have the option to style the popup so that it looks nice and attractive.

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