How Do I Export My Website?

At the moment, there are 2 ways how you can export your GroovePages web page or site.

Single Page Website

If you wish to export a single page website, you just open up your page in GroovePages and copy the source code to notepad (or any editors). You can view the source code of your page by clicking on the source code icon located at the top-right of your canvas.

Click on the icon and the source code will be shown. Copy-and-Paste it in the notepad and send it over to other user for them to import it to their GroovePages account.

Multiple Pages Website

If you would like to export a multiple pages website, for example you have 6 pages website (our products, our services, mission and vision, about us, contact us, our consultant), using the export feature is the quickest way to achieve that.

On the top-right corner, click on the hamburger menu and select Export site. This feature will export all the pages and compressed the files in a zip format.

To restore the pages, unzipped the files, open it with notepad (or any code editor), copy the source code in the new blank page and voila!

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