GrooveFunnels Vs WordPress, Which One is Better?

WordPress is a powerful open-source software that you can download and install in your server.

While web hosting is required, but the cost is usually minimal unless you are getting dedicated server or premium hosting.

The “power” lies in the plugins and themes. Imagine your Apple or Android phones without the apps, the phone will be just an empty shell and it is pretty much useless. No WhatsApp, no internet browsing, no Google Maps, no Waze, and just a basic phone function.

Likewise, the full potential of WordPress is achieved with the plugins and themes. Plugins extend the functionality of the WordPress site, while the theme did the cosmetic changes of the look and feel of the website.

The good thing of WordPress is that there are plenty of plugins which allows user to do almost anything, for example, there are appointment plugin, SEO plugin, countdown timer, popup, and many others. There are also thousands of themes available.

On the flip side, while WordPress is powerful software, it requires you to perform self-update(unless you outsource it) whenever new updates are available for the themes, plugins, and WordPress itself. Failing to perform the update will put your site at risk. There are times when an update is performed, it breaks the side causing the site inaccessible.

How About GrooveFunnels?

GrooveFunnels is a SAAS (Software As A Service), where the software is hosted for you in the cloud at the lightning-fast and reliable Amazon cloud servers.

There is nothing to download or install. User just need to log in and use the software. Similar to WordPress (i.e., it is web-based, therefore GrooveFunnels suite of software can be accessed to any OS including Mac and Windows PC.

For software updates, the good thing for GrooveFunnels is that it is a hosted solution, and therefore the update is taken care of by the company, users do not need to worry about updating themselves. So it is suitable for newbies without any technical knowledge.

GrooveFunnels has all the essentials tools needed to run a business, from a site builder, e-commerce software, email marketing, affiliate management, webinar, and many more. It fair to say you have everything needed to run a business without having to worry about the technical aspect of it, especially on the hosting, Cpanel, update, etc.

GrooveFunnels also have the Groove Developer where software developer can develop the so-called “app” for GrooveFunnels software (which extends the software functionality). This is definitely a fantastic move by GrooveFunnels to make the software even more flexible.

So, which one is better WordPress Vs GrooveFunnels?

Both are great depends on the objective, control, nature and scale of business, as well as the technical experience of the user.

If you are someone who would like to focus on business and have zero web and technical skills, GrooveFunnels is likely a better pick.

If you are someone who is more technically savvy or good with WordPress, WordPress could be a better pick as you can DIY and perform the update, installation yourself. But again it also depends on your objective what you want to achieve, the control, and the nature of the business you are running.

With GrooveFunnels, the updates, and all technical stuff (especially software updates, etc) are taken care of, plus the suite of premium tools is pretty much include everything you need to run a six even seven-figure business. Better still, with the Platinum account, it costs a one-time investment and no more future payments.

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