Can I Saved the Block For Re-use Later?

Yes, that’s possible. If you have created a block and wish to save it for re-use later, simply select the block and click on the star icon that appears at the top-left.

The Save Block pop-up will appear asking you to select the category where you want to save your block to, alternatively you can just select No Category from the drop down.

To retrieve the block that you have saved earlier, go to the Blocks, and under the Designed blocks, you will find the block that you created earlier in the category that you have selected. (If you did not select the category when saving the block earlier, it will appear under All Blocks)

Since the block is saved to the existing category, how do you differentiate which blocks are default blocks in the system and which ones that you created?

Well, for the block that you created, you will see a little trash bin icon that appears on the top-right of the block. It means since this is your self-added block, you have the option to delete it if it is no longer relevant.

And obviously, you can’t delete the default blocks that exist in the system.

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